Bhoga Restaurang

At Bhoga we strive after serving the best local and seasonal produce we can get our hands on. Therefore we let our close collaboration with local producers decide the menu.

Because of this seasonal way of sourcing produce the courses are changed on a weekly basis. The 5-course menu is used as the foundation in our menu. Our 7-course menus is based on the 5-course menu but with some added seasonal surprises.

To all of our set menus we also offer specially selected beverage pairings of wine, beer or alcohol-free drinks.

Tonight’s 5-Course menu

Quince, jerusalem artichoke, butter

Bleak roe from Vänern
Rutabaga, rapeseed oil

Flower sprouts, sea urchin, kelp

Duck from Blekslätten
Endive from Lilla labäck, blackcurrant, tarragon

Fermented raspberries 
Blackcurrant twigs, cream

5 courses
650 SEK

7 courses
800 SEK

7-course wine pairing
750 SEK

5-course wine pairing
600 kr

3-rätters meny
450 kr

3-rätter vinpaket
400 kr

We encourage everyone at the table to choose the same menu